On February 29, 2020 my new social channel was launched on instagram and facebook.
I chose that particular day because it brought with it an extraordinary life metaphor.
The “leap day”, the day of the jump, the day when we can make a leap forward in terms of awareness and spiritual growth.
Throughout the year, we have one more day to understand what we are and what we want to become.
Here, I was preparing this leap for many years and now I do it with you.
Yet if I think about this leap, I had been carrying it for some time and maybe only now as I write I realize that it was the leitmotif of everything. Do you know why? Because my “philosophy” of life is all centered on this phrase “Jump and the net will appear”. After all, I did this, I closed my eyes, took courage with a deep breath and jumped with my heart in my hand.
So, good life to me, to my passion and to those beautiful couples who have chosen to have me as guardian angel.