Tuscany is my land, the land where I was born and raised. A place where those who live there feel privileged and those who want to crown their dream of love feel attracted by its incredible wonders that they can no longer do without. I know a lot of couples who have decided to get married in this wonderful piece of land and have returned in the following years even if only to live again that moment of joy in their hearts. Wedding tourism in Tuscany is increasing day by day and although this moment is particularly difficult for all of us, I am sure that my land will rise in a new and extraordinary “Risorgimento”.
I want to introduce you to a part of Tuscany still a little hidden where the wild of nature meets the beauty of the pure forms of the place.
The Tuscan Maremma is an exciting journey of flavors, emotions and engaging historical itineraries, it is that land where you can still perceive the origin of all that has been and imagine all that will come.
There are many destinations in the Maremma region; here you can find all the possible landscapes from the mountains, to the sea, to the countryside and consequently imagine developing many installations each one different from the other.
Each location I know and with whom I have established close collaborations, is a world of infinite opportunities for visions, styles, organizational aspects depending on the budget that is proposed.
Organizing your wedding here in Maremma is a unique experience and this magic can hardly be found elsewhere.