In the previous article, I illustrated how the Tuscan Maremma can represent a uniqueness of its kind as regards the organization of your wedding. I simply start from the fact that this land is still unknown for matrimonial tourism where there are completely unexplored places and terrestrial paradises to be discovered.
Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations where to get married and many places are already very well known, we think of Florence, Siena, Volterra etc … but there are small hidden pearls around some important cities that almost nobody knows.
Of places where the past seems to have stopped in the most beautiful eras for Italian art and culture and this is the case in the city of Pistoia.
This city has architectural wonders inside and is one of the destinations that in my opinion should be recognized worldwide for wedding tourism.
It is precisely in this city that there are dream locations in neoclassical and neo-Gothic style, unique in their kind, the expression of an Italian cultural current masterfully represented by the Pistoia patron Niccolò Puccini who developed the various projects for his homes and gardens.
Here we have memories of the artists who were and the elegance of the spaces and shapes are perfectly framed by the surrounding nature.
Years of close collaboration with these locations allow you to organize your wedding in a few simple steps.